How to Use the ADVANCED Front Sight Focus String to Improve Shooting Accuracy


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hey guys Chris sign OGG here founder of the seal training system and in this video I gonna teach you how to use an advanced focus string let go ahead and get started Music all right so first off what is an advanced focused ring and what the difference between this and the front sight focused rings that I also sell well I took a look at the front sight focused ring and I I was thinking how can I make this even better how can I make it so you can learn faster and I came across these beads that are square in black and they also have little white marks on them like I teach you to put on your front sight post so it ultra realistic and you just going to be able to train a lot faster and a lot easier and that why I called it advanced how do you use it well you use it the same way you use the front sight focus string and that you going to attach this to any object and you going to start off initially by putting this to your nose and you practice teaching your eyes