Alien Brigade Atari 7800 Review - The No Swear Gamer Ep 376


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Music Music the mini zapper is back with another light gun game which also happens to be the last officially released Atari 7800 game I have left to review in that game is alien Brigade and it has some really cool label slash box art you got this nice looking alien some cool glowing eyes a wasteland in the background nice detail there and even some dudes kind of slowly making their way to the front really dig that now this game does contain some animated blood so a little bit of viewer discretion is advised but let go ahead and take a lien Brigade pop it in my Atari 7800 pro system and see how it holds up today let go to the game alien Brigade was published by Atari late in the 78 hundreds in life carrying a copyright year of 1990 it is an operation wolf style like gun game that can either be played with a light gun or controller it is a single player game with four modes of difficulty novice standard advanced or expert according to the manual aliens have secretly invaded earth brainwashing some humans into zombie like creatures they can control and