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yo what up guys Jack here and today we going to be taking a look at the NVIDIA GeForce experience and video contacted me and said hey we got some really cool new features in this piece of software and we like you to do kind of like an overview with your audience it free to use if you have an Nvidia card and we like to sponsor a video for you now I use this all the time for shadow play driver updates etc and it very useful I know the software pretty well so it made sense I using the beta version of GeForce experience here so there a couple of extra features in it but if you want to get the beta you can download it for yourself here link is in the description if you want to get it the easy way so what GeForce experience all about then and what are the practical uses kicking things off with drivers drivers are very important for PC gamers if you don have up to date drivers your games won run as well and may contain graphical bugs and glitches they might end up looking like this obviously