Byzantine Civil War 1341-47 | 3 Minute History


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thanks in part of the crusader invasion of constantinople in the early 13th century the Byzantine Empire was left in a weak state and unable to fight off their neighbors Serbia Bulgaria and the Turkish bailiffs the war loss of land and pillaging conducted by the discontent mercenaries meant taxes had to be increased thus causing further and rest this unrest came to a head when Emperor Andronicus ii excluded his grandson from succession after he had accidentally killed his own brother bert his grandson and rankest third revolted against him in 1321 and was crowned co emperor but both Emperor remain suspicious of one another and sort alliances elsewhere hundred acres ii got support from serbia while his grandson formed an alliance with the Bulgarians with the help of these Bulgarians and Rene Costa third took full power in 1328 and agreed to fight the Serbs alongside the Bulgarians but this ended in failure in Andronicus the third even decided to fight the Bulgarians unsuccessfully in 1332 but while all this was going on a rising Turkish Balak the Ottomans had taken important cities like Bursa in Nicaea although andronikos brought some stability to the realm he eventually died