Card Rulings #43 Beast King Barbaros


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how it going guys it gonna be honest today I Beach King Barbaro this one should be quite a quick one it just some interesting rulings that you may or may not have known about basically he a tap power so let me just get started to use basically the second effect which is you tribute free monsters on your side the field you summon him and he destroy everything on your parents other field that fine but just keep in mind he can set him for any reason I don know why you would want to set him if you trying to use his effect but it a special kind of summoned so you have to summon him face up now that I probably will never happen but you might as well know now say you normal summon this beast King Barbaro we have 1900 attack you go to attack either now into whatever if you activate forbidden choice he won go up to 2400 that really bad map so he go up to 2 300 it actually go up to three thousand four hundred because chalice is negating his effect plus you got the attack boost as well