Epic 2 Chase Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Found In 9 Funko Factory Cases Video


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in this video I going to open up 9 factory cases of Funko pop figures hello youtube friends and neighbors today I opening up nine of these cases for my store allow you guys are always asking where do you buy these if you have a store you can buy from Funko and this is what stores do they buy them by the case so let just get to it let start digging into the cases and we review each figure case number one this is going to be Elektra from the daredevil TV series all these figures I actually kind of excited to check out that what the case looks like inside figure out oh she cool again I really like the telogen design of her okay let let me do a proper unboxing for right here so what do you guys think I think she a pretty awesome Funko pop figure I really excited together I usually end up keeping one of each figure for my own collection okay let get into the next piece next we have this case this is the DC bombshells Harley Quinn oh I so happy to get back to doing videos i