Pretty Much Geeks: Edifier G4 Unboxing and Review


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Music Edda fires g4 gaming headset could be scrutinized by specs and figures but if you a gamer you probably more interested in what I like to call the 3 s style the g4 s are pretty sexy with LED lights on the cups and a sleek look all around the flexible mic boom retracts them to the left cup and it has its own light to indicate whether it muted or not the leather cups have marshmallowy plushness and there a good bit of cushion on the headband as well for long sessions the over ear cups did make me feel a teensy bit warm but more of a concern with the headband which felt a little too stiff and grippy for me the g4 has a wired controller with built in sound card and gives you access to muting volume auto off toggle and the all important vibration function which leads us to sound you might love or hate that vibration function but I personally love it I was surprised at how much the vibration added to the atmosphere of any game and it a nice bass booster as well it a weird effect to have a few