original model 50 airgun review .


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this is a review for an original model 50 this gun is to two caliber it weighs about 8 pounds overall length is about 44 and a half inches with a 19 inch barrel looks nice and sleek and good and it got a hidden under leaver yes presses button in pull this down and you just pull it back to cock it alright tap loading drop your pelion close it the power on these is only about in between seven to nine foot pounds which isn a massive amount if he was doing close range hunt in pigeons before that I shot squirrels in the garden and easily killed him with this for head shots I can say distance is not very far distance I but of shot squirrels that it easily kills them this spring piston got no safety catch and the price for this would be roughly about 140 pounds these are old guns these was these came out in 60 sometime I think something huh maybe later and between sixties and seventies yeah sixties and seventies he done stuff so no quite an old gum good condition it comes with these open sights on or Moyo