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hey guys I promise before I gonna tell you a bit about general special meals and about their catering services in general catering is very important part of aviation business and quite interesting part of it as well there is a lot going on behind the scenes I heard that quite many people believe that the food served on plane is not healthy because of the high amount of sodium added to it they say it because when we are in the air and the pressure is lower than on the ground our ability to feel the taste decreases and that why we need extra sodium to make the food taste normal is it true or is it false I asked the staff working in a company that supplies Airlines life in the red thomascook monarch and Thompson and if you stay with me to the end of this video you will know the answer there are certain regulations in companies that produce muse for airline catering can start preparing meals not longer than 24 hours before the flight all the meals that come from the aircraft doesn matter if they were opened or not they all have to go