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hello and welcome back to my channel today video is a skin care video so if you want to see some of my skincare favorites then please stay tuned alright so I just decided to do a skin care video because I filmed a home twice actually I filmed I a halt at two different times and whenever I started editing it was just too long I just talked way way way too much and I had way too much stuff so I figured the best way to do it to feature some of the same things some things I just won feature at all it really not that serious but I figured the best way to still feature some of the items was to categorize them so I got a bunch of skincare items I got a bunch of lip products which i will film later on in the video and then i probably do like a tutorial or something in between so stay tuned for all those this is the first so these are my skincare favorites I been really into skin care I want to say lately but not lately I always been into skin care as