Star Wars ROTJ The Saga Collection Biker Scout Review


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hey how it going everybody up for review today I have here from the saga collection Star Wars special offer ultimate galactic hunt 2006 Return of the Jedi biker Scout damn that was a long title excuse my language there but yes this is the saga collection biker scout from The Return of the Jedi now this is before vintage collection when they really started to do much better with articulation and and card work on their Star Wars their mean day meaning has row their Star Wars line because with GI Joe they always add fully articulated characters but back with this they gave it that vintage collection look with fully articulated figures and I really liked it but they didn do that many figures and then they did what they did with the return or Revenge of the Sith line with that awkward articulation that was at an angle midway through the form but here we go here is the saga collection 2006 galactic hunt see the back of the card 5 back with those original characters and let open this guy up and check him out because he nice and I like the indoor battle scene though