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hi my name is Bree Clark and I a software expert today I going to show you how to restore default blank documents in Microsoft Word on my screen I going to start by using ctrl n to create a new document in Microsoft Word but when I do this it opens up a new document with the word testing appearing ingredients we have a problem the problem is that somehow the normal dot d o t default template got updated so I going to use ctrl W to close that document and go in and edit normal dotm to do this I go to file open now go to my computer and browse and I need to browse to a very specific location so I go to my C Drive users my username app data roaming Microsoft templates and there is the normal template so I click on that and click open and here I just going to do first of all select that text and change it back to black and then I press the Delete key to delete it so the document is actually blank then I just go to file save and then file close to