RItz-Carlton Istanbul, Turkey - Review of an Ocean-View King Room 1210


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and to me the air it cotton Istanbul Turkey and this is both of you King room 12 10 and we come inside so this is a bit weird place for the we part be honest with you of this nice personal machine with some muscles I had the cash fuse and there chocolates and stuff I had a party yeah I don normally bunt let I have to have something last night oh so the mini bar is quite stark what you would expect the ritz carlton um bathroom so here the bathtub um mmm quite soft because sometimes they like a like a Sun paper I deflect the fact that they had a proper shaving and then opens over here and the Asprilla no matter how many teaspoons the risk averse language base toilet and yes the shower you can have little bit of closet space as well so like it like an ironing board and here their mr room itself so the bent this chair TV and he has to be of the Bosporus only have this god awful what of water from Stadium whatever we hear and the traffic noise is not going here and there