There Will Be Geek - Episode 8 - Magic: The Gathering


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Music Applause Music Music hello there world wherever you are welcome once again so that there will be geek podcast pouring geek information into the blender giving it a good old Swizz chucking in a straw and feeding it straight through your brain intravenously my name is Mike and on my right we have Johnny and on my left we have and we are here to entertain to divert and generally otherwise make your lives that little bit brighter for today as always we starting with a regular symbol of wind section so cab for this podcast what is your symbol of wind okay so for this time round straight from the you bloody well took your time didn you files I recently started getting into World of Warcraft wow I see what you did there I did now you did know what you just done oh honey as Mike was just taking a sip of a nice hot cup of tea anyway to desk is now wearing yeah okay do continue cap um yeah I played other MMOs I I generally principally solo play it it mainly how I always played games and I always thought of grown into