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hey guys i just wanted to give you my kangen water testimonial so I been drinking kangen water for a few years now I was introduced to it by a health coach and at the time I was dealing with a lot of inflammation and arthritis in my right shoulder because back in 2004 it had a really bad dislocation and the ligaments got ripped off the bone I had to wait a year in three months before a surgery and yeah my arm wasn falling out of socket anymore but during that year in three months it was falling out of socket several times a day so I had very very bad arthritis in my shoulder and come 2010 when I was you know I was working downtown Vancouver and my information my shoulder was just brutal like it really really sucked every day was really really painful if I like had a knife stuck in my shoulder and then I was introduced to this water and two weeks after drinking it I didn have any more pain in my shoulder so I was like well that kind of neat my digestion started to seriously improve and before that