Using two amps - Fender Blues Juniors! Radial Big Shot ABY Review


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hi it John today I looking at getting two apps together to make one really big sound in smaller gigs and a really manageable sound sounds really big but it controllable for venues that might not sort of be the biggest or you need a more controlled sound rather than taking your big fender twin and Marshall stack or whatever so what I doing is I using two fender blues Judy I using one side with a lot of reverb and delay on it and one with no effects at all just I doing its thing it a bit like a wet dry sort of setup for the common man if you like but the pedal I using to get this effect is a radial bigshot ABY switch see that so I just taken delivery of this it a Canadian mid pedal it really really well built first looking at it there be why switch what it does is it sends to UM ear and sends to Aunt Bea when you plug in your guitar in or any pedal or whatever so you have a or B and then Y means that plug together so you can use two amps