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hey guys what going on in script Asuna here so today we going to take a look at a new portfolio tracker which is called bid universe so the thing with other portfolio trackers always was that you manually had to import all your transactions from an exchange so for example like me if you used black folio and you were let say on pit wrecks and you did three transactions on a day you all had to manually put them into your portfolio on the black folio app which is very annoying over time if you if for example if you a day trader who trades a several times a day it really annoying to do this all the time so big universe is somewhere really really special in this point because if you download the app and you go to portfolio on the left side here you can input your API keys from any exchange so let say you on Finance BitFenix or pitcher X you can just click on there and one of those three I did BitFenix and then you can click on the tutorial if you not familiar with how you can generate your API