Sean John Unforgivable multiplatinum edition


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hello everyone this is Max 40 again bringing you another review from UC at the title above it another view and it unforgivable multi platinum by Jean Jean for men 2007 edition presentation is another simplistic one as you see from the little lock up that the bottle sits in it just solid plastic it has Sean John in one side and at the other side it says actually doesn have the unforgivable and other side but the bottle itself does you have unforgivable multi platinum in one size and in the other side it says Sean John but it rather simplistic the spray is actually pretty good but there nothing to it it pretty simple the price point and bottle sizes this comes in the seventy five well it came in a 75 mil and it costs around 65 70 bucks it another toilette concentration you can find this irregular general stores or very hard to find this and because it so hard to find you gonna have to spend anywhere from 100 to 250 dollars sometimes if it sealed you looking at over 250 bucks if you can find it to be honest with you it a great