Beer Review # 1003 Terrapin Brewery Mosiac Red Rye Ale


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hey everybody hello I Greg welcome to gregs be released today go into the kitchen and she was in the fridge today her but I think the stopping by gregs be reviews today before I get started on this beer review I want to make a big apology to Johan he was the one that sent me that the beer that we did for a very view 1000 the trappist West Berlin 12 I thought that the market sent me back from the belgian beer station but Johanna sent me the demoting beers and that beer and Johanna I apologize for for Misha speaking there and I do appreciate you sending me those beers every one of the beers you sent me from over there another most worth awesome so please take my sincere apology for Miss name of that and thank you again for send me that beer guys so now just I told him I would make that statement uh I do apologize for making that wrong announcement uh in my old age I losing it i guess i should write this stuff down work these astronomically special beers come from so please accept my apology Johanna I