Retron 3 review and How to clean old video games.


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alright so this is a review of the Retron 3 by hi perkin I know there are a lot of reviews out there for the hyper can three but mine going to be a little bit different mine is going to be done with smooth jazz this next test is very dangerous if you help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death smooth jazz would be deployed even three alright so now that we got the jazz going let talk about what you get in the package so essentially you get two wireless controllers they look similar to the Sega Genesis controllers with the six buttons instead of the three which is what I have I don actually have a 6 button Genesis controller they are infrared so they not too responsive but right now there the only thing I have four Super NES until my Super NES controllers come in and they work fine for that the only the big issue is this right here as you can see this is the button mapping and a is B B is a and I mean so it gets kind of confusing but for the nes is a