Super7 M.U.S.CL.E Street Fighter II Blind Bag Opening!


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hey guys something a little bit different today today I having a look and going to open up five blank banks of the street fair to muscle a many figures so muscle for those of you who don remember are millions of unusual small creatures lurking everywhere slightly this here they were originally based on characters from a Japanese show and and a super seven got the rates to muscle and but the other I think it something weird I think they got the rates to muscles name but they can recreate the muscle characters so they just started making their own muscle type figures and different brands such as aliens and Street Fair and another couple as well that I can quite remember anyway hidden Yuki I got least from forced and paradise and i will link for Austin Pondexter in the description below and great service as always and yeah I love Street Fighter 2 so let get let get this guy I hoping there some kind of card or or leaf what to say for you can collect I assuming there will be a lot okay no card but I will grab first oh the bug is