Acer Predator ag-7750 gtx 580 sli Part 4/4 hd


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um a lot of crabbing wires by the way I say I had a three month three monitor so room gaming I know I start right this is silver that sort of black so oh well I mean oh I didn I think spending more to get the disa round so it fine I don care I don give a crap huh you can see here that hard drive is nice at all because I wanted to turn it on this baby and show you guys how this baby looks like the way a say it not many acer whatever the call I mean that model number by noise acer predator believe G 7750 alright hopefully if you not if i mistaken i sorry but let me show you here let me close the lid down looks like it going to fall hubli hope it won fall all right let me turn it on the thing is believes on dat xanh oh yeah turn it off right here boom huh why you can see now that thing is lining up pretty sweet to this is beautiful and awesome i love it and it on the other side too oh sorry