mika graham norton cooldown


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no sir thank you very much means your letters in love this is like a pulldown take seat again take a seat succeed Oh David what what is that is there a story with the monkey but the monkeys got to to to to the monkey yes I got all these little crazy imaginary characters that are based on different songs in my army okay and one of the songs is called lollipop girl she lives in some forest and spent Ben her life running away from monkeys one called because they after her lollipop that the story okay is that my guitarist Martin just had a baby and I got another guitarist but I want to hide his face so I put him in the costume how to say choo choo it is difficult buying shoes for a monkey outfit isn it because you here you know the old show mr mrs yes do you mind if we don know is it a bad idea no no I don really know what I okay what is what what I was going to I was gonna get some questions that right yes for Dustin and they stay here to see