Huaraches on feet


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hi guys welcome back on the online brother to come til do a first outfit also I got nothing moves my step but okay the first up fair houses today is my white on black Nike and I have my car goes with my hearties so here a frizzy so he a front of the Rockies he the side beside all this is a reverse offer I did and we be back with these eyes inside outfit we going to new if I can all see it so have this only baby but come just blue white and gray baggy shirt I just happy I just pick whatever so I just had these on SB Nike nice time on her Archie so this is the second outfit and we going to do a waterview units okay so here a person over the first of all fate the second off in my bag mmm hmm so I just going to go fast and you guys enough the first view yeah I feel good don closer anyway okay guys this is the end of the video so I got my head my stuff but be and I hope you guys liked it