Introducing Razer zVault


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looking for the best deals in gaming now there a new way to get great deals and rewards introducing razor eagle dandy silver the new virtual payment and reward currencies first there Z gold which is the new virtual currency for gamers the start create a racer ID and verify your Z vault then use your credit card or other payment methods securely top up Z cold start shopping with siegel to enjoy exclusive discounts bonus in game items and even free games found your game simply check out what see gold it just that simple you get incredible deals just for getting what you want now here the best part the rewards simply by using razor software technology gold you earn two silver contribute actively onwards our insider burnsy silver manager library on razor cortex currency silver it super easy and reward that up quickly for something that you already doing you can use the paper to get even more range of products and discount vouchers on raids our store calm or deem discounts games and DLCs on Parker sites that a whole lot of free stuff just for being a gamer plus the more you pull with Zboard