"How-To" | Cure Coon Shrimp For Steelhead Bait


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Music hey guys is the Cameron with fishing Alex Northwest and gotten catching guide service and today we going to be showing you guys some quick simple tips on how to get real good durable Coon shrimp for fish and steelhead in the Columbia River so this basic here is going to involve the procure shrimp and prawn cure this stuff got some amino acid some different scents and it a good cure for just when you just starting out and you don want to like experience anyone and you want to have an effective bait that going to catch a lot of steelhead however the process on the back is I like to do something a little bit different so what I do is I just take a mason jar and add about an inch to maybe an inch and a quarter of the actual powdered cure into the jar one thing I always do when I doing these connection but I always do them in small batches this way I know when I have a batch that really effective for steelhead I can go back and I can replicate and I can make that exact same Coon shrimp