Optimal Performance Index System: HOKA ONE ONE CONSTANT 2


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today we going to evaluate the hook hook up 11 this is a men shoes it a size 10 and it weighs about 11 4 on see it a very high profile shoe you notice how thick the midsole lifts your foot is totally high off the ground it has a heel to toe ratio of 30 millimeters and 26 millimeters so you have a poor millimeter offset so the next thing we going to do is we going to measure the shoe stability index for the shoe and then we going to tell you who should be in it the first thing we going to do is we going to measure a torsional control index or the mid foot stability what become so what we going to do is twist the shoe 15 degrees on this long axis and we going to measure the amount of inch pounds of resistance that goes through that 15 degrees so let go ahead with this and let measure this and we have about 60 inch pounds of net foot stability so what we do is we put that into a mathematical equation but our 60 ok we calculated that now the next