Sound Like Nirvana - Without Busting The Bank


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all right guys it reveal Anna man and this is sounds like on Amazon TV yes it is there music going on we need to stop basically who we sounded like today we gonna try and sound like the ultimately incredible Grenache mafia yeah the king of Kurds of kabane rest in peace man yeah so obviously that guy cook vain he was in Navarre and that sadly isn as anymore no they were kind of a leading sound of the grunge movement I would say most commonly saw playing the Fender Jaguar was in all the Jazz Master for the Mustang and Jaguar thing yeah yeah he had a bunch of different ones but also he famous for smashing up gear so yeah quite a lot of different stuff I already had a fascination with kind of pawn shop could start getting basically really cheap stuff right and he could break and get again all getting different okay and he used high five speakers and see use clean preamps while he used last different stuff so but we going to try and get it sound and totally some gear it kind of fits the bill yeah for our budget