M&M's PECAN PIE & WHITE CANDY CORN - Fall Flavors 2015


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hey guys it isaac austin and hannah today as you can see we in our kitchen we have the new fall flavored Eminem this one milk chocolate and this one peanut and the only difference between these and regular Eminem are the colors in addition we have the white candy corn and these come out nearly so you probably seen them before we also have the brand new pecan pie eminem so it just came out this week can wait to try them these are the peanut your traditional fall colors gold brown maroon and red and then each other milk chocolate and they the same color gold brown room and read now the candy corn is orange white and yellow and they smell really good on the inside there white filling so it tastes a lot like candy corn the pecan pie is gold white and brown it also smells a lot like pecan pie on the inside is just chocolate and it does seem to taste like pecan pie so what do you guys think about the M M I think they good my favorites the white candy corn because the white chocolate filling inside makes it sweet