Cargo army pants bought from on body fit


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this is saying you back with another review it says um this is not there not really a number on these these are just the camo cargo pants and they really need called track pants I don think that they got a waxy plastic waste I guess and then they got the of the string which the string is actually longer than most of the track pants I got the side pockets they made out of really good material really heavy and they got their 10 inch conceals if words love you baby oh yeah I ain all that long like I said baby always look good and I haven done a review on these pants here for just a review so I explain and they got the side pockets you know what cargo pants look like y should know and they just got the pockets button pockets they send an extra button like I said with an extra button from their other fans but these are not you know obviously likes elastic case there no button on the front enough knows that throw it up like that and you got your button pockets here I can say your zipper