Struggling to Shine


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it is one of Nairobi busiest commuter points named after a hotel that has borne the brunt of insecurity partly owing to the negative publicity it has suffered in the wake of numerous security alerts that have been issued by security agents to the general public in reference to the can come area as well as the bus terminus overlook in the hotel booking of about 90 percent since the issue started coming up it has dropped 20 percent now that is a very very big margin bearing in mind that there those regular costs that you have to maintain whether day business or not a situation that has put the hotel at pains to keep it three star hotels it has internet and we have to be ahead of these missiles in this terrorism the Ambassador hotels plight is similar to that of many other businesses within the city which continue to suffer in silence and unless something is done sooner rather than later they increase in insecurity within will run down the country hardened reputation as the regional trade and investment hub according to Tim Oda Morioka venerable central business district Association Chairman security agencies called assist returns