MH Scrambler 35 backpack review


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everybody Chauncy with endearment calm testing out when my favorite backpacks I used all summer and probably use it throughout the winter as well it is the Mountain Hardwear scrambler 35 this guy right here 35 liters capacity real basic roll top design of course you got adjustable sternum straps hip strap right here got pockets not too big not too small we can definitely fit some chapstick or what have you in there I going to take it off to show you some cool features oh and of noting there is a hydration reservoir slot between the back panel and the main compartment so easily fits to or up to three liter reservoir in there so here we go with the details so there is that slot like I mentioned to hold your reservoir and a toilet separate compartment and if you want you can attach it with a little loop right there now let get two wires packets so cool it features the out dry membrane so it completely waterproof as proof of that I had a water bottle open up and leak in this thing for two weeks and not one drop got out to the other