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hey guys um I just thought I drop by and give you a little short of you because today I have absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do I been home I been up all morning watching YouTube videos watching movies today is my day off I don work for some reason so I thought I drop by and give you a little quick review on the nexus haircare promod i don know if any of you has used this yet um I bought it about three weeks ago and I been using it every day ever since and it supposed to repair up to about ninety percent I believe or ninety two percent of split ends um I been using it every day after i shower this is a leavin this is the leave in conditioner um and I can say that I noticed a lot of my split ends have been gone but it does Lee my hair is soft but the split ends are still there they so hairy there right I just want it for these layers right here they have a lot of split ends and it gets frizzy when it rains so i