Tub Clogs are plentiful


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things are going south real quick I have a tub i clear not too long ago backing up again and this thing was going down real good so now I gotta check the sewer make sure the sewer not backed up we gonna do that real quick the city just put a new sewer box in of course I can lift it with this Music no sewer box AC style flowing good with steady water I thought the sewers about clock I don think it is it going south real quick here now we got a tub drain clog alright so let me come back with you Music classic classic tub clog all right what I had to do last time was magical and I can get under this building we gonna do a little magic again oh we gotta fix it what I gotta do is this I can plunge because I gotta take this apart I got to take this play off good all right bye Tommy get this screws out you be back on my glasses because I going I hope they should be anyway people we gonna use the old classic plunge we have an old