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okay hey guys I back with another deck review and this time I going to be reviewing the US playing card company Hoyle official playing cards alright and I gonna be doing red ones because inside they exactly the same these are some very good cards as as usual with us PC decks there not really much of a difference at all inside the cards are just about the same as a bicycle deck all of their finishes are about the same as the air cushion finish this one has Nevada finish but these are some good cards nonetheless so let get into it what we got right here is the red back oil cards and they don fan super well although these are I have had these for a little bit for a couple of months at least and they did fan pretty well when I first got them so these are the kind of cards that like after a little bit do not really fan so if you worried about being able to fan them quite regularly these are not the best parts to get but they do spread very well they spread like a dream and they