Review of Herb Pharm's 'Good Mood'


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my name is deaf just thought I would say hi because I starting a new vlog so I thought this would be a good thing to do so I just sitting in bed right now I actually pretty tired I been studying for a microbiology class all day it really boring stuff it just like memorizing really long words and what words match up with those words that are also really long mostly four syllables or more anyway um I been taking note of this stuff like Christmas pajamas on yeah this stuff right here is really cool I got this in Oregon actually um I get like kind of seasonally depressed so I always trying to find things that work well and I have to say that a really good mix it has um ashwagandha in it which is actually like one of my favorite herbs ever it in adaptogenic herb so it really good at helping your immune system and helping you adapt to stress response so you know I juggling a lot of things right now like work in school and relationships and friends and you know just the usual that everybody does but you know I