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okay boys and girls a per sale is a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 roughly 62 000 miles again as you can see this is a three door 4x4 Toyota if you have usable all around the vehicle here starting price on the car is twenty thousand five hundred dollars the car is in the truck I should say is in excellent shape it is loaded to the max again as you can see it does have a wench this vehicle can take you anywhere you want to go it does have a lift system with upgraded control arms as you can see here those can be filled with air and the car will obviously be with all the front there that on both sides will take you around the end front and as you can see that and again it does have a wench to do your towing if your vehicle gets Ducker if you an all wheeler kind of person who going to go out and do some mudding it would be very helpful to pull yourself out or somebody else out of the mud that has front controls it also has controls in the car that you