1986 Gibson SG LP '62 PreHistoric Reissue Cherry Review and Demo


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Music welcome back troglodytes to another episode of Trog lee guitars today we have a beautiful 1986 Gibson SG 62 reissue and they did ladies all is right again in the trolleys guitars world I sold that JMP one seed instant regret and my new one came in today so we can start doing these again if you noticed I been kind of doing some filler content editing some old videos because none of the amps I had pleased me it just the sound it sounded good like in person but once I went to record it just sounded like wet farts so I kind of it hold off on these video tour demos but we all good again I got the classic amps back and we demoing a classic Gibson SG eat late 50s early 60s the Les Paul shape goes away and they come back with this they call it a Les Paul this is basically the first time that Gibson reissued this they call this one the 62 reissue this one had some change parts it is a players grade guitar but it is an excellent player so without any further ado let go ahead and take