Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) vs iPhone 6S - Speed & Camera Test (4K)


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hey guys it time to do is speed and camera comparison between the new Galaxy a7 2016 Edition here versus the iPhone 6s so obviously if we first talk about the price in my country this iPhone 6s the base 16 gigabyte model almost costs around 700 which is you know exactly it around 67 000 PKR I depends you know if you get the from their official outlet or you know and this one costs around 52 000 PTR 5 20 you get full Randy and all that so I going to make a separate a video review also so this in this video may be doing specific with some specific speed and camera tasks also so time for the boot up showdown so obviously if we talk about the specs here a little bit you can see here iPhone 6s faster the iPhone 6s has this Apple a9 chip set while the while the Galaxy a7 has a éxito 7850 chipset which is octa core clock at one point 6 gigahertz and also it has a Mele t7 20 GB so time for a quick apps opening test here I have closed everything in the background and also