RC Ford GT review


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hello guys and welcome back to the channel today for another RC review today I here with my friend calf 949 um so today we be reviewing the RC sport 2015 Ford Mustang GT so we gonna go ahead and get a closer look at the car real quick before I talk about any features or anything else so now that we down here at the car you can see it pretty it got pretty good detail you can see our wheels are pretty nice the body looks pretty good although the windows are blacked out so there no interior so we go ahead and take a look at the front so the front of the Mustang looks pretty nice semi the lights don actually work though so it looks pretty nice though anyhow the antenna is really long it a total of 1 foot where I measured it so now we go ahead and look at the back so the back looks pretty nice it got your triple brake lights it just got fuzzy um you can see your GT right there on the back your exhausts again blacked out windows you can see this right here part of