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looking people on Facebook are driving me now I hate this thing I hate it I have to be on it my agents and reps are like get on there make friends and get a fanbase I like I hate half the people that are on my facebook they all my old friends and shit but it was like nobody can get through their day without posting their prom it is simple shit man everybody needs help for the simplest shit like you see some girls you gotta pose it hey everyone had a bad day at work can wait to get home have that glass of wine and then her friends all chime in and support her you go girl you deserve that glass of wine what how do you know maybe she a worker how do you know she deserves it and then you like a freaking greeter at Walmart what what the problem yeah I don mind people posting important things I don have problem with that I really know you know weddings engagements pregnancy you know babies kids but this is where you find out who this is this when you find out who aren your