Lancome Rose Highlighter?! | Makeup Tutorial & Mini Review


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Music hey I wanna go and welcome back to my channel so today makeup look is so much pink and yet as you guys clearly concede I love my glowy dewy skin over here I use um like usually the Lancome products so this video is mostly all 9 components and I really love how Lancome presents their product is so feminine so like classy and like it shows how they put a lot of money into like the packaging especially the new Lancome um spring collection this rose flower thing it so beautiful I really can see why it so expensive because of the packaging this is the sheen on my face with the base is this this is the base of the highlight this is the like cushion highlighter from Lancome this color is amazing this product it so beautiful I cannot tell you guys how beautiful this is I gonna like swatch it on my hand here so it it looks like white like a foundation but actually when you blend it out you can see like the sheen of it like you see I think the camera is not doing it justice but it there no