The Robert Scott Bell Show LIVE 3/27/18 - Kratom, CBD, Kava, opioids, new organs!


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as soon as it tells us yeah we are live on on YouTube right now hey y welcome to the healthy Buddha we getting ready to crank it up on radio and about c 54 ten minutes ten minutes we be on the air live go ahead and see if you do yeah we got to make sure we can get the levels checked out so there should be no nerves no nerves whatsoever I know well if you don want to wear it you can just hold it but you know I just need to be able to test the levels here all right go ahead and talk to me Jacqueline hello can you hear me okay sure okay all right there there is Jacqueline Pell Jackie is here at healthy Buddha she hosting us tonight along with John Goble where are see yep there Johnny got a kratom corner glow in the dark shirts they awesome yeah oh yeah one of those so we gonna we gonna be live two hours of kratom kratom create a hashtag creative all night yeah and so I you have to hook me up with what I should be drinking on the