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hi everyone good morning well this last weekend I was hired to do a party so I was doing different women makeup at a party it was so so fun by the way and I had a really exciting thing happen and as you know if you watched my channel for a while I struggled with my skin forever and a woman said to me at this party as I was standing in bright sunlight so that a huge test of this she said you have perfect skin you probably don need to wear makeup oh my god I was like what i said i have terrible skin i have melasma of acne i have all kinds of issues right now i have nothing on my face um so we can really see you know i zoom in so you can see that indeed my skin is not perfect so she said this to me and I was just like kind of blown away and our kind of you know when I had a moment kind of snuck a peek in a mirror and I saw oh my god so my skin did look really really good and I want