EMPTIES #7 - beauty products I used up in October


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hey guys I back today for my empties hopefully the last video that went up was my project pan update because I be talking about project pan stuff in here as well I filming this early because I thought I got makeup on I may as well film so let go through the products that I used up in the last month or so and yeah what I tend to do is just run through the products let you know what I thought about it after using them all and it quite simple really alright this month there was mainly skincare and like fragrant stuff I don know how I went through so many candles and fragrance things I think it was just one of those instances where you had a lot out and they all burnt down to a similar level then you finish them all at the same time alright the first thing I going to talk about is glass house I actually got no one glass house that right this is actually a Christmas candle it actually for this year I got this ages ago at like a preview thing and this is the night before Christmas