New Airfiled 1400mm T-28 Trojan Warbird w/ Retracts Review


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Music Music you you you you you you everyone Tony from Nitro planes calm today about to fill with the all new 1400 millimeter 328 from airfield the long awaited t28 is now here is available in three different color schemes we have here is the red and white or more of the orange and white the server color and also in this gray color over here and these three planes are available in three different type of packages there the kit form there the a are up and there also the ready to fly and if you guys need more info on what included with the three different versions remember to remember to check out our website and there be an explanation or aspects of what included and what not included so if you guys have any questions remember to check out our website so some features are about this 228 the battery is already plugged into the server color one gets to see here we have a nice 3 billion prop and another neat feature about here is the actual working Cal flap it has to see here it opening right now and let close it and these