The Innokin Coolfire 1 and the iclear 30b


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oh man your mod is so big so this is my second time doing my first review and let me tell you why I can hear him now so I hoping he gone but I had a cricket go through the whole entire first video and there was no way I was going to sit and try to edit a video particularly my first time removing to cricket now we been kind of funny if I left it through there too so because I I was looking for the cricket obviously it in my house but you would have thought it would have been in yours and that would be great but good man drives me nuts can believe I couldn hear it well actually can because i partially deaf so anyway so anyways I wanted to start off with one of my favorite little mods then I picked up recently it pretty new on the market it made by Anakin it is the eye from the itaste line I believe but is the cool fire one comes with the iclear 30s I love the look of it it looks I mean hold up from mechanical mod there it is