Post Mortem PC : Walkthrough 4/18


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to protect appearances can sometimes be deceptive dr Kauffman that why I would like to clarify this situation by gathering as much information as possible I am at your disposal mr McPherson how can I help me what can you tell me about the scene of the crime the police have released very few details that a man who committed this murder and I stressed the fact that he is a man he is probably quite overwhelmed at the present time this crime was committed under the influence of a sudden impulse without premeditation his act is now haunting him he is not himself is this the evidence found at the scene of the murder that will enable you to draw your conclusions sequential repetition of habits the cure for hysterical behavior is by elimination of the source of anguish I am just the psychoanalyst mr McPherson it is the job of the police to draw conclusions not mine what do you make of the traces of purple powder found on the bedroom floor very little probably a drop used by the murderer to ease the pain of his act all that is symbolic mr McPherson the murderer himself probably