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hey everyone brian hardin with gear up to go once again doing a review on the 93 201 box with the 93 202 optional rail we wanted to show it on a machine this time the last video we did was actually at the trade show when it was coming out just off a prototype this box is selling very well lots of customers are really happy with it it a very very strong box does come with the removable latches water resistant interior it does have a additional strap here that you get with it so that it doesn rattle around one of the really cool features is it does have a locking mechanism in it so if you actually open up the box and you look you can lock the contents so you can leave this you can leave your valuables in here when you going into the cabin or going into the camper and leaving it go overnight in a crowded area and know that that still safe overall it a very very nice unit it has a lot of storage features it an open concept inside as you see in the video and it has a