Consumer Reports Compares Potato, Veggie Chips


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americans love their potato chips we spent get this eight billion dollars on them last year but now there are plenty of alternatives that look like they might be healthier for you Consumer Reports just tested dozens to see if they worth buying here Jennifer Krause and consumer matters snack chips are tasty they salty they typically potato but now there are bean chips p chips veggie chips and even kale how do they taste and are they even healthy for Consumer Reports expert panel of tasters this was crunch time Consumer Reports evaluated 32 different snack chips both for taste and nutrition don get the idea that there is good for you as fresh vegetables but most of the ones we tested are a little lower in fat and calories than classic potato chips several of the new chips qualify as low sodium and some are an excellent source of fiber Consumer Reports found several to recommend top rated the kalbi snap pea crisps originally lightly salted their airy and crispy have a pleasant pea flavor and are low in sodium bonitos white bean with sea salt are also recommended with a white bean and toasty grain flavor 10